Welcome to the 16th edition of the European Athletics Championships Non - Stadia (European Championship in Athletics route for Veterans) that will be held in the city of Alicante between May 18 and 20, 2018.

The tests that will be disputed in this edition are: in the modality of march, 10 km men and women, the 20 km women and the 30 km men. In the modality of race in route the 10 Km men and women will be disputed in addition to the Half Marathón as much in category men as women that will be disputed by the center of Alicante with exit and goal in the Rambla of Méndez Núñez.

The event is completed by the Cross Country relay event in which the athletes participate in teams of 3 runners, competing in a circuit of 2 km each and that will be played in the park of PAU 5 of the Beach of San Juan.

In addition, the sporting event will be completed with 2 popular events with participation open to all categories that will contribute to make the city of Alicante an authentic Urban Running party during the days of the championship.

Welcome to the athletics party that will fill the streets of our city with the enthusiasm and effort of our veteran athletes who will undoubtedly feel protected by the warmth and hospitality of the people of Alicante.


HISTORY AND EVOLUTION: European Masters/Veterans Athletics Championships-Non-Stadia

This competition starts in 1989 in the Belgian city of Bruges and is disputed biannually uninterrupted until today. These are the large numbers of previous editions:

Spain hosted the fourth edition in the city of Valladolid in 1995, with a participation of 18 countries and a total of 759 participations, overcoming the low participation achieved by the previous edition in the Czech city of Upice with only 541 athletes.

The Central European Federations such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Holland and France, as well as Spain, are the countries that currently bring together a greater Federated Master movement at the level of competition.

The evolution of this competition has been growing parallel to the boom that has gradually been taking the Master movement among the international athletic community.

In relation to our country, the Master's Athletics has experienced an exponential increase in licenses and evidently of participation and international presence, going from just 100 Spanish athletes in the first editions to the more than 650 that are expected for this edition number 15 that will take place in the city of Alicante.