The deseasonalization of tourism through the promotion of sporting events of national and international level is one of the objectives of the City of Alicante. The XVI European Cross, Road and Master Championship is a new example of this policy. For three days, Alicante will be the epicenter of a sports weekend that will gather more than 2,000 athletes from twenty countries, and their respective families.

It looks like numbers only. They are not. These numbers underlie economic benefits and dissemination of the image of the city. It is not a trivial matter that the test on Sunday, the most important of that complete calendar, starts and finsh in one of our tourist icons: the Explanada de España. But, in addition to this, in the dispute of the proof, the athletes will cross environments as significant as the port of Alicante, the bullring, the beach of Postiguet, the Palace of the Provincial Council, the Plaza de los Luceros or the Rambla de Méndez Núñez .

The tourist references do not end in the athletic calendar this weekend. The beach of San Juan could not be missed as a claim. The race on Saturday, which will be held in the expansion area of the PAU-5. Or the relay cross that will take part in the La Marjal Park, valued internationally by experts in the Water Cycle as a model of sustainability, as a circuit of land and grass.

They are, in my opinion, reasons to congratulate the organization for having chosen the city of Alicante. At the same time, I wish all participating athletes and their families a pleasant stay and that their sport goals come true.

LUIS BARCALA SIERRA | Mayor of Alicante