It has been shown that brands that opt for a project that offers an experience enjoy a greater rate of recall and association than with the generation of any other type of content.

The experience in this case can be achieved by collaborating in a quality sports / tourism project.


The commercial and marketing plan of EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 is aimed at making it the athletics event with the greatest social impact organized to date.

Without doubt it is one of the most important sporting events of 2018 in the province of Alicante and the most important European Athletics Championship for VETERANS.

A professional communication team will work for our sponsors to bring them the opportunity to generate notoriety, reputation and business in the World. Of special interest for those companies that have commercial objectives in Europe..

The communication, the hospitality, and the public relations of athletics are an unbeatable key to entry into new market niches.

On the other hand, from the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the organizing committee, we want to take advantage of the importance of the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 championship to promote the practice of athletics among the Alicante society and by extension to all Spaniards.

For this purpose, we have designed, planned and articulated a series of programs aimed at different audiences that we believe may be permeable to this proposal, among which are school children, the elderly, people with disabilities and family groups.

We firmly believe that the practice of athletics can bring a series of benefits to society not only within the sports sphere but also educational and socializing.

Athletics is a great sport that can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age, gender and physical conditions. An integrating sport, motivating and above all fun.


Given the current socio-economic situation, the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 organization is committed to an efficient, transparent and adapted to the current context management. The basic objective is to achieve the maximum economic and social return of the event and thus be able to promote the leadership of Alicante, the Costa Blanca, the Valencian Community and Spain in the Mediterranean Area. It also aims to promote knowledge of our values and capabilities with an echo that will induce growth in the short and long term.

The Championship has an operating budget of more than three hundred thousand euros.

It is estimated that throughout the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018, the city of Alicante, will register about 20,000 overnight stays of athletes, judges, companions and tourists, while the Press Center should cover a media impact that will reach more than 40 countries with participating athletes..


Alicante is a city with a great tourist potential and an excellent climatology that also has a great cultural and leisure offer, good national and international connections, with a great experience in hotel, catering and tourism reception. It also has some great facilities for practicing outdoor athletics such as the Joaquín Villar Athletics Stadium or the PAU 5 Park of San Juan Beach that have become the venues of the event.
This designation is also an important challenge for the future:

a) Opportunity for cities and territory.

- It has a significant economic return.
- Generate jobs.
- Enables business agreements (investment, innovation and sponsorships).
- Facilitate international relations and contacts.
- Provides knowledge and experience.
- Significantly project the reputation of the brands of Alicante, Costa Blanca and Comunitat Valenciana being also a perfect pretext that confers more attractive to both cities for both visitors and investors.
- Agglutinates and involves society in the sports spirit, in the promotion of sport as a health habit and in the concept of "sport for all", augured by the International Olympic Committee.

b) Meeting point.

The EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 is a consciously accepted challenge, with a constructive attitude that will generate consensus and collaborative spirit among the different political options, the different institutions and social actors involved.

c) Showcase of values.

The EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 becomes a showcase that serves to show the world a modern region oriented towards sportsmanship and its intrinsic values: collaboration and participation, teamwork, eagerness to improve and constant improvement, respect for the environment, proper use of resources, creativity, as well as its socio-cultural values, Mediterranean lifestyle, history, quality of life, and so on.
d) Maximum organizational quality.

The organization has an approved and agreed master plan that will mark the operational management of the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018, a championship adapted to the current resources but that maintain the maximum level and the maximum expectation of success of this international sporting event.

e) High impact.

In the current context, the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 is an important project for the region. It is a project of its own that brings value and benefits for all, as well as a great sense of responsibility, commitment and contribution to achieve the expected results. This is intended to be the record-breaking championship trying to exceed all expectations and the large numbers of participation achieved in previous editions.

As for the international echo - it will undoubtedly be another excellent legacy of the Championship -, it can be said that with the event it will displace an important number of specialized journalists who will cover the information at least 40 countries in Europe with participating athletes. In addition, the RFEA will cover the event widely for everyone.

Apart from the more than 10,000 direct spectators, the EMACNS ALICANTE 2018 will represent for Alicante a total of more than 20,000 overnight stays of athletes, judges, managers and tourists.


Alicante is a modern city, which is involved in the organization of a sporting event of this magnitude that will serve to cohere and make profitable the effort that has been made to this day in the promotion of sport and consequently in the increase of sports practice , in the case that concerns us, that of the practice of athletics.

The strategic lines of the project have 7 basic work points:

1. Organization of an innovative championship, with transparency and maximum participation of society, institutions and the private sector.

2. Ensure a maximum participation championship with high level athletes in their age categories, from the first national and international teams.

3. Guarantee sports facilities that are in line with the high level of requirement of the test and that are fully adapted to the athletic practice needs of athletics.

4. Promote participation synergies with the experience of other cities hosting the Championship..

5. Encourage a quality sports practice with the implementation of healthy sports habits for all ages.

6. Promote the basic sport of the city. It is the future of sport in the province of Alicante and its area of influence. The oldest teach the young.