For over 3 000 years, different civilizations and their cultures have passed through Alicante. All of them have shaped these lands and left a rich legacy which can be appreciated not only in its cultural and artistic heritage, but also in the open, innovative, warm and hospitable character of their peoples.

Castillo de Santa Barbara (Castle of St. Barbara):
Located on Mount Benacantil, 166 metres above sea level, on the coast, from where you can see the whole Bay of Alicante. Along its slopes, Iberian and Roman archaeological remains from the Bronze Age were discovered, but the present day fort dates back to the end of the 9th Century during the Moorish occupation.

Located in the building of the old San Juan de Dios Hospital (built by Juan Vidal Ramos between 1926 and 1929), it currently houses more than 80 000 pieces which demonstrate the wealth of the history of the Costa Blanca, and the legacy left by civilizations after crossing the Mediterranean. It stands out for its modern design, its great use of audiovisual and information technology and the educational quality of its explanations.