Alicante have historically been important commercial center. For centuries many civilizations have used their streets to buy and sell goods, a tradition which has survived to this day with an infinite number of shops where the visitor will be able to find everything from the most modern and prestigious brands to the typical products of the region.

Luxury boutiques, many commercial centres and small and medium-sized traditional shops offer customers products ranging from turrón (a sweet made from nuts), chocolates, dates, liqueurs, wines, preserves, toys, shoes, fur coats, rugs, handicraft, and ceramics as well as products from internationally renowned brand names in clothing, jewellery, sports products and everything that a visitor might need.

In Alicante, there are very interesting shopping areas in the city centre: on one side, you find the pedestrianised streets and surroundings of the Teatro Principal (Main Theatre); on the other, the area around the Central Market (Mercado Central) and Alfonso el Sabio Avenue, and of course, do not forget Maisonnave Avenue and its area of influence, Alicante's commercial artery par excellence.

The famous Explanada de España offers a wide assortment of handicraft stalls, handmade jewellery and souvenirs which allow visitors to appreciate the work of painters and cartoonists in the area known as the 'Hippies'.